Presentation Delivery Tips

• Don’t speak too quickly or too slowly
• Speak a little louder than a normal conversation in order for the
entire class to hear you clearly
• Vary pitch to avoid sounding monotone
• Avoid using distracting speech:
– “Um,” “Like,” “You know”
– Slang terms
– Technical terms – if people don’t understand you they are
not going to pay attention
Eye Contact
– It is important to scan the entire room and make eye contact
with individuals throughout the presentation
– If you have note cards, don’t look at them too much
– Don’t stare at the ceiling or the floor
Facial Expressions
– Avoid distracting facial movements: rolling your eyes,
biting your lip, nodding your head
– Dress professionally
– Use gestures appropriately to get your point across
– Move around the room
– Display good posture
– Avoid distracting behaviors: