When is the Best Time for You to Write?

I’ve heard all kinds of opinions about the best time for writers to write. Some say early mornings are best because you’re typically well rested and creatively sharp. Others say the afternoon is a good time to write because you’ve finished school or work and you’re now under less pressure. Still other people believe that nighttime is the best because you’re at the end of your busy day and now free to write as long as you like before you decide it’s time to sleep.

When is the best time for you to write? I believe it’s when you’re at your best! If you’re a “morning person” and try to write at night because “somebody” says it’s best, that’s a big mistake. On the contrary, if you are a “night person” and someone tells you to write in the morning, don’t do it (at least as a habit).

My advice is not to let anyone tell you what’s best for you when it comes to “the time to write.” Figure out when you are at your best and write then. Perhaps that is in the early morning hours… great! Or maybe you’re a night owl. You seem to come alive after the sun goes down. If that’s the case for you, write then. The bottom line is that you need to write when you’re at your creative and energy peak of the day.

Let me go one step further. On what days of the week should you write? The same principle holds true; if Mondays are manic for you, they are a bad day to write. Find your best days of the week and pick those days for writing. Think of your work or school schedule. If you know Wednesdays are always slamming, don’t pick that day to write. Skip Wednesdays and write on Thursdays or Fridays instead. I’m sure you get the point.

I’m highlighting these points because they are important. Being wise about these kinds of things will make writing more of a joy and less of a burden. Writing can be great fun if you pay attention to factors like where and when you write. Don’t minimize the importance of thinking about these key aspects of good writing if your goal is to complete the process of writing your book.

But for now, carefully consider how you’d answer the following questions:

1. What time of the day are you at your best?

2. Are there days of the week that you should avoid, for whatever reason?

Next time the focus will be on the importance of scheduling writing times.