When Your Fear Becomes A Deterrent In Public Speaking

For some people, just the thought of public speaking is enough to make them nauseous. If your fear is keeping you from getting a raise or a promotion because of your refusal to stand at the lectern, then congratulations, your fear is winning the war! If it is preventing you from advancing your own business by speaking at various business organizations, then a fantastic networking opportunity is passing you by.

In today’s business world, the avenues for public speaking are many and varied. Being unable to face an audience and deliver a message means that someone else will. And, when that happens you can watch your own career stagnate or fail.

Look at the list below and start imagining. Read through the list and then close your eyes and envision what I am asking you to do. Force yourself to smile as you think of the suggestions. No frowning nor shaking of your head allowed.

Imagine approaching the lectern or the head of the boardroom table with enthusiasm. Imagine acknowledging those in your audience with a smile.
Imagine opening your mouth to speak and the words come out as planned.
Imagine making eye contact with your listeners.
Imagine having enough control to be able to respond to their reaction to you.
Imagine being a success, not only in your delivery, but with your message as well.

If fear is holding you back, then it is difficult to imagine any of the above conditions because your fear has the upper hand. It is in control. And it is a deterrent.

Instead of imagining what could go wrong, why not change your perspective and imagine what could go right. There are only 2 things you need to do to able to satisfy those 6 conditions:

1. Know your material inside and out, backwards and forwards, which is only possible if you practice it out loud. Reading it over in your mind is not practice. Basketball players and performers alike do not read to practice. They practice physically be it sports, acting, singing, playing an instrument or public speaking.
2. Treat your audience just as if you were sitting in your living room in conversation. When you can accomplish that, you will make eye contact with your audience. It is in that eye contact that you can then relax and actually enjoy talking to those who have come to hear you speak.

Stop wasting your time imagining what could go wrong. Know your material and talk as if in conversation; and, you will survive it and thrive in it as well. Don’t let your fear keep you from the success you are seeking.

By: The Voice Lady