Is There a Novel in You?

Welcome! I’m excited to introduce you to my new writer’s blog. Since there are so many blogs out there, I seriously wondered if there was a need for another one. After careful consideration, I decided … no. That is, unless the blog I wrote brought value to its readers and fresh perspective on an important subject. The subject I’m interested in is … writing.

Understandably, most authors decide to blog in order to persuade their fans to buy and read their books. However, my goal is not to get you to read my book (obviously, I’d love it if you did), but to encourage you to write your own book!

Wow! You might say … I’m no writer. I once thought the same thing, but now I have three non-fiction books in circulation and a brand new young adult adventure, Escape through the Wilderness, published and scheduled for release in June 2014.

My plan is to outline my journey starting as a non-writer to becoming, what some might call, a prolific writer…with hopes that you might be encouraged to join me and become a writer yourself. I’m particularly interested in helping young people who have a desire to write but In this blog I will take you behind the scenes and tell how I wrote my young adult adventure.

There won’t be any secrets between us when it comes to my process. And I’d like you to feel free to ask me questions. I’ll do my best to answer in a timely fashion. On occasion I will also seek the advice of other writers to give you a broader perspective than just my own.

This blog will serve as a place where aspiring writers can find a variety of tips and tools to help.

Before we go any further, let me assure you that I am, at best, an average writer. Thank God for editors and proofreaders because without them I wouldn’t be here today. There are basic skills that you will need to develop if you hope to become a strong and perhaps even a published writer, but those skills can be developed with training.

If this blog encourages just one young writer to launch out and write a book that can positively influence others, then it will have fulfilled its purpose.

A dear friend once told me that the richest places on earth are not the gold mines of South Africa, or the oil field of Saudi Arabia. No, the richest places on earth are your local cemeteries… because there you will find untold treasures. Sadly, buried there are great riches such as dreams never lived, books never written, and songs never sung.

Perhaps your Creator has deposited a wonderful story in you that the world needs to hear. Do not let your unwritten story be buried with you in a cemetery some day! Or maybe you don’t even realize that there is a story within you. Let’s find out together.

1. What’s holding you back from writing a book?

2. What’s the biggest challenge you’d have to overcome to write your first book?

Next time we’ll discuss answering the four “what” questions about your book.