Mother of the Bride Speech

Typically in a traditional wedding, sometime during the wedding reception, there will be a mother of the bride speech and a toast to the new couple. Every wedding is different, so if the wedding is more formal, then you can expect to give a formal speech. Most mothers do not realize the emotions that will arise as they watch their daughter marry. Most are immediately taken back to the birth of their daughter and then their own wedding, which can stir a lot of emotions. Therefore, it is vital to be prepared when you give your speech just in case you are overcome with emotion.

Your Speech Outline

No matter what type of speech you are giving, you will always need an outline, especially if the event is likely to be emotionally charged. Never entertain the idea that you will just figure out what to say once you stand up to give your speech. That’s a recipe for disaster and something you might later regret.  (The last thing you want is for everyone to remember the wedding because you flubbed the speech so badly.) Always have an outline, and make sure your first item is thanking everyone for being in attendance at your daughter’s wedding and how much you appreciate everyone’s effort to make the event a success.

Next, the mother of the bride speech typically will congratulate the couple and give them some sound advice for their future. You might read a short story or something that helps drive home the point that marriage is wonderful, but it’s wise to expect ups and downs as this is just part of life. Emphasize that as long as they work together, they will make it. At this point, you may want to share some personal tips with them or something that helped you in your own marriage.

Take some time at this point to welcome the groom to the family. Of course, do not take this part too far or get too mushy, because you are simply welcoming him to your family and acknowledging him as your son-in-law. If you have a very fun and lively family, then you could make welcoming the groom a very fun event, but play this part of your speech according to your both family and his.

One of the things to remember as you get to this part of your mother of the bride speech is to not begin thinking sad thoughts. If you do this, you will have a difficult time speaking, and the last thing you want to do is weep uncontrollably since this will make you feel foolish and surely make your daughter uncomfortable. However, a few tears at a wedding are to be expected, especially from the mother of the bride, so just make sure you have a tissue with you when you deliver your speech.

Of course, you will definitely want to rehearse your speech several times before the actual day of delivery. You may have been thinking about this speech for years, but you can never be over-prepared for giving it. Practice by standing in front of a mirror and deliver your entire speech from start to finish and time it to see how long it runs. (Five to ten minutes is a good guideline here.) Remember that when you are nervous, you are likely to rush through the speech, so take several deep breaths during your practice sessions and focus on speaking as you normally do.

Finally, the day before the wedding, take some time to have your hair done, your nails groomed, and perhaps get a facial or massage. You want to look and feel your best since some of the people at the wedding may not know you or perhaps have not seen you for some time. Moreover, taking time to beautify yourself will help you to feel more confident when you stand in front of the group and deliver the speech your daughter will always remember.