How to Use a Public Address Microphone

Test the microphone!
– A standard test is “testing 1…2…3…4…”
– Ask the audience members in the back of the room if they can hear you
DO NOT test the microphone by slapping it or blowing into it.
– This could damage the microphone and annoy the audience.
1) Hold your mouth 3-5 inches away from the microphone
-Vary the distance depending on the natural volume of your voice
2) Slow down your speech rate
3) Speak directly into the microphone
-Don’t move your head from side to side
4) Use your natural voice
-Don’t lower your voice too much or sound too dramatic
5) Always act as if the microphone is on
6) Cough or sneeze as far from the microphone as possible
7) Don’t grab or hold onto the microphone
-This could produce an annoying hum or static over the loudspeakers
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UNCG University Speaking Center, 256-1346, speakingcenter.uncg.edu