Public Speaking Tips – How to Get the Audience to Like You

Probably one of the most challenging but important task of public speaking is to get the audience to like you. So, as a public speaker, how do you get the audience to like you? What kind of preparations do you need to do in order to achieve that goal?

Here are public speaking tips to help get the audience to like you:

1. Product sampling. If you are eyeing a career as a public speaker, you need to build that credibility and popularity first. Give your potential prospects the idea as to who you are – your expertise and your way of conducting a presentation. You can do this in a lot of ways such as:

– word of mouth marketing
– press releases
– referrals and recommendations from friends and past clients
– sample video presentation
– blog advertising
– social media marketing
– and more

2. Introduce yourself at the beginning of your presentation. Your audience will like you more if you or someone else gives a good introduction of you as their speaker. This way they’ll get to know you better when it comes to your competence as a speaker and what gives you the authority to speak on a subject.

3. Don’t brag about yourself too much. Stay in close range with the topic. If you are there to speak about a particular method or strategy, you should see to it that you clearly communicate the said method or strategy without always emphasizing on the fact that you are the genius behind this method or strategy. Instead, you can tell them during your presentation why the said method has worked for you and why it should work for them, too.

4. Don’t give space to boredom. Be a versatile speaker. If you need to switch public speaking styles so as not to bore your audience, then do so. When speaking, you should know how to adjust the tone of your voice for your audience’s listening pleasure. Also, a touch of good humor at some parts of your talk can keep your audience alive.

5. Don’t get lost with yourself. If you don’t want your audience to hate you, be wary of how much time you are expected to end and don’t go beyond that time.

I believe there is no question why it is important to get your listeners to like you. Unless you are capable of enforcing something like a martial law, you don’t want to stand there and talk with an uninterested audience. At the very least, they need to have the interest to listen and to keep listening to what you have to say.

By Jeff Vankooten’s