John R. Beck, Jr., Sr. Vice President and Market Manager, Emmis Communications, St. Louis (KSHE, KIHT, KPNT & KFTK) “I have known Gary Rodriguez for many years. Gary is one of the most energetic executive trainers that you will ever meet. I have seen him run businesses and speak to large groups. Gary knows how to ask questions so he gains a full understanding of what your issues are. This combination of energy and talent are hard to beat.”
Bill Munger, Vice President, Human Resources¬† “LeaderMetrix has been instrumental in helping in the areas of executive coaching, consulting, and training related to strategic planning. We have recently signed a long-term agreement with LeaderMetrix as a result of their excellent work with our company”
John Hittler, Chief Executive Officer, Econ Mortgage “Dr. Gary Rodriguez of LeaderMetrix has coached me over the past few years during times I needed outside help. His ability to help me think through difficult issues has made him a valuable asset to my personal and professional development.”
Mike Haimson, Principal, Carousel Technologies “I have known Dr. Gary Rodriguez of LeaderMetrix for several years. I highly recommend him as a seasoned executive coach and gifted leader. Dr. Rodriguez has coaching and leadership abilities that make him a valuable and effective addition to any company that is looking for executive coaching, consulting, and strategic training.”
Mark Walter, President, Christenson “LeaderMetrix has been a great asset to Christenson’s ongoing development over the past several months. LeaderMetrix services including their executive coaching, consulting, and strategic training have helped refocus and reenergize Christenson. I would highly recommend LeaderMetrix for company’s needing high level executive coaching, practical consulting, or strategic training.”
Paul Gerlach, President, Total Potential “I have known and worked with Dr. Rodriguez over the past 18 years. He is the highest caliber executive coach you can find. He is both highly gifted and highly trained. His business background helps him understand the practical realities and challenges faced by today’s executives. If you are in the market for executive coaches, pinpoint consultants, and/or strategic trainers I would highly recommend you contact LeaderMetrix.”
Vernon Irvin, Chief Marketing Officer, XM Sirius Radio “I have known Dr. Gary Rodriguez for the past few years. He is gifted leader, teacher, and coach. That is why we have contracted his services here at XM Radio.”
Norene Sheehan, Senior Manager, First American Financial Corporation “Dr. Gary Rodriguez is a highly gifted and qualified executive coach and dynamic consultant. I have personally witnessed and experienced the impact of Dr. Rodriguez’s work and would recommend him without reservation. Dr. Rodriguez is Hudson Institute trained and certified and is up to date on all the latest coaching processes and techniques.”
Tom Peterson, Former General Manager, Applied Materials¬†“Gary Rodriguez is an outstanding leader and gifted executive coach. I have known him for the past 15 years to be a man of integrity with exceptional insights into people and business. I would wholeheartedly recommend Gary and his company to any business looking for executive coaching or consulting.”