Public Speaking: Watch and Learn

Public Speaking: Watch and Learn

When I was a young boy, I loved to play baseball. Nevertheless, my love for the game didn’t start on the field. It grew as I sat in the stands and watched.

I remember going to games to see my dad play in San Francisco. He was a semi-professional player, and he was good. So were the other men on his team and those he played against. I still recall hearing the sound of the bat hitting the ball, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the crowd cheering wildly when something exciting happened.

Learn from great players

The love of baseball trickled into my soul with every passing game. I now realize that I learned to love the game of baseball by watching great players. They inspired me to want to play well.

Learn from good public speakers

In the same way, aspiring and active speakers are wise to find gifted mentors from which to learn.

If you are observant, you will learn something every time you hear another person speak in public. Sometimes you will discover what to do, and other times you will find out what not to do. In either case, you will grow as a speaker. The best speakers never stop learning.

Who are some of the mentors who have inspired you as a public speaker?

Tell us their names and what they have taught you?

Let’s learn from one another.