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Growing and Learning

Q: As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we often look back at the people and experiences that helped us get where we are. Who (and what) were your “game-changers,” and how did they change the way you look …

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Eye Contact

• Look at your audience 95% of the time, the other 5% can be
devoted to glancing at your notes
• Having good eye contact with your listeners is important for
3 reasons:
1.) It creates an important bond of …

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Public speaking skills

For many people, standing up in public and doing a speech is one of their greatest fears. For many language students in particular, this is the ultimate challenge. In this article we will look at some ways we can help …

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Choosing your Speech Styles

Assuming you now know the makeup of your audience, how much time you have to speak, your subject, and your predetermined desired outcome. Now let’s look at another tool that will help you reach your predetermined goal. When you prepare …

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