Helpful Blogs

Andrew Dlugan: Six Minutes
Twitter: @6minutes
This blog focuses on public speaking and presentation skills.

Lisa Braithwaite: Speak Schmeak
Twitter: @LisaBraithwaite
Lisa posts articles nearly every day, and she spreads words of encouragement through the public speaking blogosphere in article comments.

Bert Decker: Decker Blog
Twitter: @BertDecker
Bert is a well-respected communications coach and author. His blog regularly features communications commentary on political and current events.

Olivia Mitchell: Speaking About Presenting
Twitter: @OliviaMitchell
Consistently high quality; this is one of my favorite blogs.

Nancy Duarte: slide:ology
Twitter: @nancyduarte
Companion to the bestselling slide:ology book (listed above). Nancy Duarte and other members of the Duarte Design team contribute regularly.

Ian Griffin: Professionally Speaking
Twitter: @cheshirelad
Ian’s blog regularly features interviews with professional speakers as well as insights from his experiences with the National Speaking Association.