Book Endorsements

Brent Jones, Former San Francisco 49er Tight End and Winner of Three Super Bowl Rings  “In Purpose-Centered Public Speaking, Gary Rodriguez takes the fear out public speaking. Relating years of public speaking experiences, Gary provides a great game plan for you to become a fearless public speaker. His insights and wisdom will certainly make you a better public speaker. He will also make you a stronger communicator in all areas of your life.”   

Stephen G. Newberry, President & CEO Lam Research Corporation, Fremont  Purpose-Centered Public Speaking offers aspiring as well as active speakers valuable tips and techniques for improving their communication skills. In addition to the helpful instruction, you will also find this book highly entertaining. If you are a public speaker this is a book you should read.”

Wayne Cordeiro, Founding Pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship, Honolulu  “Don’t just read this book. Digest and practice the principles recorded here, and soon you will find an increasing ease in communicating and a more favorable response from your listeners.” 

Pamela Mclean, CEO, Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara  “This book is so much more than a ‘how to’ on public speaking!  Rodriguez inspires the reader through compelling stories both deeply personal and at times universal.  Anyone who wants to feel at ease in front of audiences will gain strength, encouragement and useful resources and tools on how to step into the spotlight and create rapport and connection with one’s listeners.”

Dr. Haddon Robinson, Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton  “Whether you are speaking for the first time or have a great deal of public speaking experience, this book is filled with grand advice.”

A. Mark Walter, President, Christenson Electric, Inc., Portland  “Great book and a must read for new, as well as seasoned managers having difficulty with public speaking or just looking to hone their skills. Simplifies and lays out a format that guides you through the process of speaking to large groups or smaller defined audiences.  The pointed real-life examples keep the reader engaged and interested from cover to cover.”

Randy Hahn, San Jose Hockey Play-by-Play Announcer   “Dr. Rodriguez provides this guide for the novice public speaker and helps the reader to understand the skills necessary to present a great speech while also showing the many pitfalls that aspiring public speakers fall into. Developing one’s own style is a very important aspect of public speaking and Dr. Rodriguez helps the reader to understand how to accomplish this. A thoroughly enjoyable read!” 

Kanoe Gibson. Miss Hawaii 2003 and first runner-up at Miss America 2004  Purpose-Centered Public Speaking will inspire public speakers of any caliber. It offers practical tips to improve speeches and encourages those who fear it most.  A must read for any person tackling public speaking!” 

Bill Munger, Chief of Staff and Vice President of HR EnergyConnect, San Jose  “I found Dr. Rodriguez’s book, Purpose-Centered Public Speaking, a superb ‘how to’ guide to public speaking.  The book held my interest by using interesting real life examples and very practical tips that any speaker can learn from. It takes the mystery out of how to prepare and deliver a compelling speech with a purpose. Whether you are preparing for a talk at a family gathering or regularly find yourself in front of an audience at work, this book will help you deliver a focused message that hits home.”

Maggie Williams, Chief Administration and Finance Officer, Catholic Charities, SSC  Purpose-Centered Public Speaking is a wonderful book for speakers and an enjoyable read. Written with warmth and humor, it is enlightening, encouraging, and refreshing, offering great concepts and principles that can work in all aspects of our lives.”

Steven J. McGriff, Ph.D., Instructional Technologist, Krause Center for Innovation, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA  Gary’s systematic methods for public speaking are practical, easy to understand, and presented with relevant illustrations that will help anyone create a better presentation, whether you’re a business leader or school teacher.”

Martin Woodrow, President, Martin Consulting Solutions, Inc., San Jose  “This approach to public speaking is refreshing and insightful—from the 4 vital questions to creating a purposeful talk with a strong introduction, pointed illustrations and action-oriented conclusion. This book will enable critical skills for anyone wanting to create a purposeful, practical and productive speech.”

Jeffrey J. Rodriguez, President, Brown & Riding Insurance Services, Inc., Los Angeles  “This book provides a solid foundation on the fundamentals of public speaking for those who only speak in public on occasion and a helpful refresher for those of us that speak to groups regularly. I highly recommend it.”

Lynn Fischer, VP Sales and Marketing, Title 21 Software, Inc., Las Vegas  Purpose-Centered Public Speaking is a fun and engaging read, and Dr. Rodriguez does a nice job of humanizing the subject. He gets to the heart of the matter by offering actionable ways to feel more comfortable with public speaking.  I now utilize his approach when I speak in front of groups, and I am finally starting to enjoy public speaking now.”

Frank Velasquez, President and Managing Partner, Cornerstone Technologies, LLC., San Jose  “I can honestly say that I had an epiphany as I read your book that will benefit both my organization and me for the years to come.  Your ‘Model Message’ on Vision was not only convincing but it was also very timely.” 

Thomas G. Peterson, Former Product Division General Manager, Applied Materials, Inc., Santa Clara  “What impresses me most about Purpose-Centered Public Speaking is that the challenge of effective public speaking is made so simple, understandable, and doable. Gary Rodriguez gives practitioners’ useful and pragmatic tools and techniques that they can immediately use for all contexts of speaking and presentations. This book gives me the tools and the confidence to greatly improve my own public speaking skills and effectiveness.