Mentoring Speakers

Sooner or later, you will be asked or forced to speak in a public setting. Although this thought exhilarates some, it terrifies most. Fear of public speaking silences many voices. Unfortunately, this type of silence can limit your career, influence, and potential for success.

Most likely, you clicked this link because you either want or need to learn to speak in public. No matter the reason, at LeaderMetrix you will find practical insights and tools designed to improve your ability to speak in front of others.

Speaking in public is not rocket science. Yet, becoming a proficient speaker does require a serious commitment to learn, as well as a fair amount of practice. I have been involved in public speaking for over thirty-five years, yet, my growth as a speaker is continuously developing. Every time we speak in public there are new opportunities to develop and refine our communication skills.

Generally, speakers learn their craft in two ways: mentoring and/or consequences. Mentoring happens when we study and learn from talented communicators who tutor us in skills and techniques that develop us as presenters. In addition, listening to their wise counsel helps us avoid foolish and unnecessary mistakes. Conversely, consequences are sure to follow when we fail to learn from those who have mastered the art of communication before us. Mentors teach and inspire us, but consequences are hard taskmasters. They exact their pound of flesh with every painful lesson.

The good news is that the more we embrace mentoring, the less the belt of consequences schools us.

LeaderMetrix mentors public speakers in order to help them develop and deliver purposeful, talks, speeches, and presentations with less fear and more confidence. We also conduct on site “Purpose Driven Public Speaking Workshops” with larger groups at select companies and organizations. Whether you need individual or collective help with public speaking, LeaderMetix is eqipped and ready to help be the best you can be.

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